The basis of vitality and long living is water

Our Mission

We want to raise awareness and wake people up to the power of water. Our health is important to family and friends and so is financial freedom. Sustainability is focus as we live each day

Our Story


started in 2023 with my sister showing me the product and the ways it changed her life, so I looked into getting one. not only did I love my product but it changed me! How? Well before I had the product I was just an ordinary guy in my 20’s working as a carpenter (drinking beer with the boys every weekend or day and smoking cigarettes. Not living a health life at all. Within one month of consuming the water I noticed I wasn’t smoking cigarettes or drinking everyday after work. This saved me a lot of money because my cravings went away. Another benefit I learnt was I could make money online by selling the same product that changed my life. This woke me start helping people looking for an out of their unhealthy lifestyle. Insanity is doing the some thing over and over and looking for a different out come. I was insanity but after three months I was making just about the same amount as my job (I quit and got a part time job) and put more time in looking to change other people’s lives for the better while earning them money.


Journey started in 2022 when friends woke her mind to be open to ionized water and how it can help heal. I have two beautiful cats that suffer from UTI’s and each vet visit I was told to filter the water to prevent kidney stones. I tried so many different types of filters and even switched their diets to help prevent the stones from building. It wasn’t until I put them on ionized water where I saw immediate results. No more UTI and better yet their fur coats are healthy and dandruff free. My cats used to sleep all day and now they play as if they are kittens again. Myself I noticed I had more energy, clear skin and I could finally eat dairy products again. I was so amazed how 2 weeks of drinking energized water that I began to share the benefits with my family. So I reached out to my brother and then he jumped on board.

Words Of Wisdom

kangen water

Kangen water


Team Work