What is Kangen water

In Japanese the word KANGEN means "Return to Origin"

Kangen water is produced by Enagic's Ionization Health Technology.

You might think all water is the same but it isn't. Kangen water hydrates the brain and body more effectively than most waters can. Kangen Water™ is alkaline water produced by Enagic®'s alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines. For more than 45 years, Kangen Water™ has been used in Japan to help restore the body to its original, alkaline state. These machines can transform your ordinary tap water into healthy, fresh tasting alkaline drinking water. Kangen Water™ is superior to tap and purified water. By choosing to drink alkaline water, you aid your body in returning to a balanced state. Kangen Water™ is a fresh, clean and great tasting way to obtain optimal health!

3 unique properties
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Many of us lead an acidic lifestyle, from eating a lot meat (acidic), drinking carbonated water (highly acidic), experiencing negative emotions (stress), and not having enough sleep. This unhealthy lifestyle turns our body into an acidic state, where we are very susceptible to sickness and diseases.

Antioxidants slow down the process of oxidation in our bodies. Free Radicals on the other hand don’t just promote the natural process of oxidation taking place in our bodies, they often inflict damage on our cell DNA, creating many health complications and increasing the risk of cancer.

Ionized water has better hydration ability due to the micro-clustering of the water molecules after the ionization process. Non-ionized water molecules are found in clusters of 10 to 20 molecules while ionized water are found in clusters of 4 – 6 molecules.

Types of Water

Kangen Water (8-9.5 pH)

This type of water is perfect for drinking and healthy cooking. This electrolytically-reduced, hydrogen-rich water works to restore your body to a more alkaline state, which is optimal for good health. Usage: drinking, food preparation, coffee and tea, soups and stews, and watering plants.

Kangen Water™ is also friendly to your budget and to the Environment. Forget about buying and storing all those expensive plastic water bottles!

  • Drinking – Drink Kangen Water™ throughout the day. Unlike tap water, Kangen Water™ has no unpleasant odour, tastes lighter, and has a pleasantly sweet flavour.
  • Food Prep – Clean vegetables and fish. Enhance the flavour of broccoli, onions, bamboo etc. by pre-boiling them in Kangen Water™. Use less condiments and salt.
  • Coffee & Tea – You’ll be surprised at the wonderful colour, taste, and aroma of coffee or tea prepared with Kangen Water™. You can also use less coffee or tea and still achieve a full rich taste due to the water’s extractable ability.
  • Cooking – Kangen Water™ draws out the flavour of ingredients so they get tender and juicy. Therefore, food doesn’t need as much seasoning, and excess salt can be avoided.
  • Plants – Kangen Water™ may give freshness and life to plants. The water stimulates germination and improves seedling development.

Clean Water (7 pH)

Free of chlorine, rust and cloudiness. Neutral water is delicious drinking water. Usage: preparing baby food, taking medication.

  • Baby Food – Use water pH 7.0 when preparing baby food.
  • Medication – Neutral water is delicious drinking water that is easily absorbed by your body. Take your medicine with this water.

Beauty Water (4 - 6 pH)

Not for drinking. This slightly acidic water is recognised for its astringent effects. It’s terrific to use for gentle cleaning and beauty care. Usage: face wash, hair care, pet care, polishing, cleaning, and preserving frozen food.

  • Face Wash – The astringent properties of Acidic water are effective in toning and firming your skin. Pat the skin and leave to dry. This water is also excellent as a toner after shaving.
  • Hair Care – Use this water instead of conditioner after shampooing. Reduces annoying tangles and brings out a radiant shine. Keep in a spray bottle and spray your hair and face when you’re out and about.
  • Polishing – Polish mirrors, eyeglasses, glass objects, and windows to a high sheen.
  • Cleaning – Remove dirt from hardwood floors, ceramic tiles etc. without leaving a sticky residue.
  • Pets – Spray your pet with this water and brush afterwards to obtain soft and shiny fur.
  • Frozen Food – Spray foods with Acidic Water when freezing so that the food, including fish and shrimp, do not lose its flavour when thawed out.

Strong Acidic Water (<2.6 pH)

Not for drinking. This water has cleansing properties. Use Strong Acidic Water to clean kitchen utensils, countertops, and more to prevent cross-contamination. Usages: cleaning and reducing germs, hygiene, and commercial operation.

  • Hygiene – Clean your hands or your toothbrush. Keep a spray bottle in your bathroom for easy access.
  • Commercial – Beauty salons, hair salons, restaurants, agricultural colleges, daycare centres, pet shops, and nursing homes all benefit greatly from the use of Strong Acidic Water.
  • Cleaning & Reducing Germs – Clean knives, cutting boards, dish towels, and kitchen cloths etc. Clean in and around the kitchen, which is a breeding ground for germs.

Strong Kangen Water (11.0 pH)

Not for drinking. Strong Kangen Water™ preserves hygiene in your daily life due to its strong cleaning effect. It has dissolving and heat conducting benefits. Usage: food preparation and cleaning.

  • Food Prep – Remove rawness from vegetables such as green onions, bamboo, wasabi and flowering fern with Strong Kangen Water™.
  • Cleaning – Clean cutting boards and dishcloths. Good for cleaning oil and tough grime from vents, as well as for general cleaning in the kitchen.
  • Stain Removal – The extra strength, absorption power, will remove coffee, soy sauce, and oil stains with ease. Also great for getting out stubborn toilet bowl stains.
  • Dishes – Use less detergent when washing your dishes. Save on water bills, as only one-third to one-fourth of the usual amount of water is adequate for rinsing off detergent.